We had a wonderful turn out for the students singing for church and then a brunch. The students did  a wonderful job, which is a reflection on thetime and efforts put in by the teachers, support staff and volunteers we have at Alpine Christian Church. 

The congregational singing was lead buy a few students with Laura Larssen (the preschool director) playing the piano and Kraig Grow on the guitar. They lead "Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord"  then sang "Cornerstone".
The program continued with a musical presentation for all the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and all of our church family. The Pre-school was lead by Beverly Sandeen in singing and using sign language for "Jesus Loves Me". Prayer was lead by Amalie Rosa, Erin Sandeen and Syreeta Landry. Very touching. Not just a rote prayer, a poignant pleading to the Creator of the Universe, the Savior of the world. The program then moved to a really amazing part of the program. The students were conducted by another student, Mary Faith, a third grader. I must say, she did an incredible job. Then the preschool sang " This Little Light of Mine".

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